Planetary Qualities in Child Development

An independent research project.

Nature, human personalities and also the different stages in child development reflect the great colour, variety and richness of the planetary qualities. This independent research project explores many aspects of this richness in relation to the stages of development which the Gesell Institute of Child Development research identified.

The project comprises of a series of essays which present the research underpinning the child development profiles provided on this website. The introduction provides a brief overview of how the work of the Gesell Institute of Child Development and Rudolf Steiner together reveal helpful insights about the planetary qualities in child development. Three extra introductory essays are also provided for those who wish to know more: firstly a brief introduction to the planetary qualities found in human personality types, secondly more on the work of the Gesell Institute and their observation of the Gesell Stages,  and thirdly more on the esoteric background to planetary influences. Then six essays describe the qualities of Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, their associated personality types and where their qualities can be found in the descriptions of the Gesell Institute’s six developmental stages. A bibliography is also provided for these essays.