Welcome to my website.

Parenting my four children has been the most joyous experience of my life, one which has taken consciousness, creativity and courage. Out of this has grown my work with parents, teachers and carers over 25 years. This website shares the fruits of this work: the research, the insights, the resource notes about what helps to make living with children a more fulfilling and joy filled experience. It will be expanded as I add more resources.

leaf playWhat children need most is to be understood so that their needs can be truly met. This means understanding who they are as unique individuals but also as developing human beings.  I hope these resources can help in this. Among other things, they provide unique detailed profiles of development for children from birth to 16 years. These are based particularly on the insights of The Gesell Institute of Human Development,  Rudolf Steiner and Steiner/Waldorf educators and my own research. The profiles describe the changing developmental ‘tendencies’ of each age which sometimes confound parents and carers. Understanding these can bring empowerment and relief!

In the interest of the well-being of children everywhere, these resources are available for free download but donations are very welcome to help keep the site ad free and support my continued work. These articles may eventually be put into book form.

I hope these resources help you too to feel the joy in living with children that I have experienced with mine.

Susan Laing